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DivX 支持 DTS 的方法


在大家还没来得及测试如何让 DIVX 支持 AC3 的时候,支持 DTS 的方法也出来了,大家测试测试!

New Hope (Divx/AC3)-> DTS out

If you have a Divx/AC3 movie, do the following.

You need the following installed/registered:
Intervideo audio filter (
MPEG Audio codec (

1. Open .AVI with GraphEdit.
2. Delete Default DirectSound Device
3. Insert Filter
(Audio renderer / Default WaveOut Device)
4. Connect to Intervideo Audio renderer
5. Save graph

Use DVD Genie to select SP/DIF audio out.

And ...

Open graph file from media player or just drag it over it. You can use others like MicroDVD player.

You can also change the .avi file to .grf in the MicroDVD .ini file, so it is possible to play movies with subtitles.

I tried only Dolby Digital but i think it works with DTS too.

Have fun

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